Just imagine a life where there is no change and everything goes on as it is. Sounds dull, isn’t it? Who would want this monotonous life? You have one life, so you should grab hold the best of it. Life is only worth living if you experience change on constant basis.


For the aspiring entrepreneurs, alterations in life are full of enthusiasm to the buildout of youngsters, in regards to their career. Primarily, what is justified for the youngsters is to practice the mainstream studies, and master in it, so as to come in the employment race with the other people. Whereas, trying out various new ideas and practicing new lifestyles would then help them to differentiate between what is right and what is almost right for them. Thus, they would strive for their real goals. Therefore, change is a vital part for them.

For the entrepreneurs, this change may take place in the form of new technologies and new employees. Modification in the demand of the product or service is also a part of change. Moulding as per changes will empower you to have a strong foothold in the market. In fact, you can take it as an opportunity to become a market leader.


For the employees, embracing change will let you turn your skill in to your strongest suit. This happens because it gives you chance to achieve perfection in that area where the others are still struggling.

We know change can cost a lot but it is also undisputable that it also brings prosperity, if decisions are taken properly. Hence, become hyperactive during the process of change to make your life interesting and inspiring. Don’t stop opting for change in your life. Because, when you will be at the age of 50, would you want to look back at your years with a sense of relief, that yes you did opt for change, even though it did or did not work out. Or would you want to look back at your years, wishing you could have done something that you wanted to, but you were afraid to start?

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BElieve in YOUrself..

The above statement is legitimate in every sense. You have to BE YOU, to believe in yourself. Isn’t it true? Ask yourself the true meaning of ‘BELIEF’, and relate to the meaning of ours. We all know that believe, is a profound word. To align with our own opinions is to put faith and trust in ourselves. Sometimes people will ignite your passion for achievement by believing and championing you. But, is this enough? NO. What if those people are no longer present to stimulate the zest in you? There comes a time in the path of life, when you have to rise to the occasion and face the challenges on your own, without any recurring cheering. You get the opportunity to arouse the fire in you.

Find me an exceedingly successful person who doesn’t considerably believe in themselves. That’s adjacent to something which can’t be genuine. Steve Jobs, Elon Mask, Mark Cuban, J.K. Rowling, Bill Gates are just a few highly successful individuals who benefited immensely from this confidence. What kept them motivated? The pursuit of creating a life of their dreams. It was their never ending willingness to get up again and again, if they have failed, or had experienced any setbacks. Create a vision so vast, that it doesn’t bother you to know the times that you have failed because all you could see is the anticipated success.

When faced any situation, always believe in yourself because,

  1.  Don’t stand still, because if you won’t do it, then who will? – One, should have the convincing power in themselves, because if you can’t convince yourself to do something, then how can you convince other and present a stand point. You got to have the zeal in your nerves to accomplish something, to push you through any obstacle, and to give you immense positivity. It is dominant to know that you are your number one fan and supporter.
  2. You owe it to yourself to be the superlative you can possibly be – You have to pamper yourself, by believing in the potential you have. It is marvellous to have positive thoughts about ourselves. Isn’t it? Imagine the answer to your every doubtful question is ‘YES’. Wouldn’t it gain contentment in your life in every aspect? By this you will attain accelerative positive progress in your life.
  3. Don’t cease to exist. Live to capture your dreams. – Have dreams and aspirations? Live it. Don’t cease it. Don’t let it go to waste just because you think you can’t do it. Have you tried out that thing? No, right? Then arouse yourself in that situation and accomplish it. Even if you have, and you have failed, don’t be scared to do that thing twice or thrice. Because, you might have failed to capture it in your dozen attempts, but you would excel in it. Because YOU CAN DO IT! Within every person, lies an intrinsic capacity, to turn around situations, only if they believe in themselves. Give it a deep thought!
  4. *Applause*, I can hear it! Can you? – You are the inspiration to many people who didn’t have any confidence in themselves, but after hearing you success stories, have got the inspiration in one self. Be this person! Live to aspire. A positive person hears the crowd cheering and applauding, but a pessimist can just hear silence. What are you? An optimist or a pessimist? Choose.
  5. Count your wins – We, as humans, have the tendency to count on the negative instead of positives in our life, We should have the conviction to count our wins, and not our losses. You should have a gratitude journal to capture all of your wins, at the end of each day. By doing this, one gets immense joy, because it is a reminder to yourself that you have done some incredible things in the past, and you have the zeal to capture more.With competence and conviction, repeat these phrases, “There is nothing in the world I am incapable of, if I fully commit myself,” “There is nothing ordinary about me. I am capable enough to do everything”. The men and women, who changed the world, know the incredible power of belief.


Attention and learning are hooked by the same chord. Let’s unfold this concept in a thorough way. The initial lesson that you have to learn is that you learn and gather knowledge in every moment of your life. But, we also need to understand that if we don’t pay attention to the important ingredients of actuality, then the whole process of accumulating knowledge would go futile. Knowledge has no path, as you collect information even if you are sitting with your friends, having frolic moment with your colleagues; you always have a chance to attain knowledge through several opportunities.


Paying attention to even minute things can help achieve you wonders as details improve precision in performing tasks. Gain knowledge through books or by having a conversation with any person, analyse people and their actions, all of this will help render valuable lessons which is needed in personal and professional life. If you are a good listener, then you can embrace some important lessons from their stories as well. By doing this continuously, you make a habit of doing this everyday, thus letting your mind do this all alone without you even realising it. Ultimately, your mind will attain a state of hyper activeness.


  1.    Have a number of things in your kitty? Maintaining a checklist of the things that you have to do or have already done is extremely beneficial. Maintain a list of the things you need to accomplish.
  2. Always have a vision for the future, as it will make things easier for you and will allow you to check our own growth. Planning in advance has always been fruitful, therefore scrutinize things in advance which has to be looked upon in future.
  3. Always have a limited amount of distraction, because it acts as a hindrance and creates deficiency in your work. For example, mobile phones.
  4. Never ever pressurise yourself, as a burdened mind will never produce efficient results. Your productiveness will be hampered, which will directly have a huge impact on your work.


Once you start applying these lessons in your life, you will experience drastic progress in your professional life. Ultimately, you will be capable enough to conquer the roadblocks which are paving your way. Even if you face failure at any stage, don’t be disheartened because it is an important life lesson wrapped in the shape of failure.


At the end of the day, spare few minutes and think what you have done throughout the day and how has it turned you into an enhanced version of yourself. The attitude of continuous improvement will help in your sense of satisfaction. Absorb every important thing like a sponge, and then see how extraordinary your personality has become.



Limited. Energized. Attentive. Dedicated. Earnest. Realistic.

What can you understand by the term leader? What does leadership mean to you? Let us brief you a little. A leader helps to achieve a person’s objectives by overcoming the shortcomings and identifying their strengths. A leader is the epitome of uniqueness, creativity and innovation.

What if we turn the tables this time? Instead of being somebody’s leader, you become your own. The journey that you will stroll through will become clearer, easier and swifter. You would be having the sense of knowledge towards the things which is right or wrong for you. This process initiates with expanding the level of confidence. If you are affirmative that it is going to work out and you will be able to do it, then nothing in the world can stop you from achieving it. Thereby, always stay determined as it will immensely beneficial for you in maintaining the balance. Your motive should always be to instill positive changes in your life, and do well for others. This mindset will automatically take you a step further in being the leader of your life.

As we continue to evolve, we hope that this list will too. Here are few pointers on becoming the leader of your life:

  1. RESPONSIBILITY:The chief quality that every leader possess is claiming the responsibility of the occurrences happening in their lives. One should be well aware that nobody is responsible for their actions.
  2. GOALS:Set goals for your life, as they give you a vision to prosper. Never be afraid to go for something big, as everything is achievable in this world if you work vigorously for it. Once you set them, ask yourself a question daily that what are you doing to achieve the goals.
  3. BELIEVING IN YOURSELF:Believe is a profound word because if you won’t believe in yourself, then who is going to? Don’t let the doubters create hindrance for you. You have got that in yourself, now you just have to display it to the world.
  4. AFFIRMATIVE:Being sure about the things in your life is the principal step to transform into the journey of being your own leader. Flexibility is derived through creativity, and both of these terms are utmost vital for you. You have to be creative with your thoughts, nature and action because this is how you will become the best version of yourself.
  5. SET EXAMPLES:Everyday you are setting examples for others so make the most of everyday. Your life is said to be your message, therefore you need to decide as to what message you want to portray to others.
  6. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS:You have to perceive that your feelings are your GPS, as they keep on giving you the directions to follow. Always trust your intuitions, as they won’t drown you.
  7. WORDS = ACTIONS:“Integrity lies in the heart of a leader”, hence always say what you mean or what is being showcased. Once your words are out of the mouth, the whole world is going to believe that and forget how your actions were. Therefore, choose your words wisely as your actions and words should convey the same story.

CONCLUSION:We are continuously expanding and evolving so we tend to jiggle during the course of our journey. You need to be the captain of your ship, so step up and start incorporating the above traits in yourself. You have got this in you!


Your resume is the advertisement that is showcased to your future boss.

You can drive yourself a maniac while making a perfect resume. It takes recruiters few seconds before forming a perspective of ‘fit or not fit’ for your resume. So now we are commencing a guide to device a curriculum vitae that would land you to the interview room without any deviation, as resume is only as good as the information you render, so make sure you’re thoroughly prepared with the list.

  • STREAMLINE THE FORMAT:The content of the resume should be easily readable, therefore omit the fancy fonts. Use Arial, Calibri or Georgia specifically, as it would enhance your words even more. Your name should always be in bold and the headings should always be in larger font than the text of the body, preferably 14 for both. Also, bold and italicize the name of the companies you have worked for the experience that you have had there.
  • CRISP CONTENT:Content can be reflected as the painting of the voice, therefore any error in the content part leads to a bad impression to the recruiters. Pay close attention to use success verbs such as; achieved, delivered, gained, succeeded. It gives a powerful viewpoint to the enlister.
  • INCORPORATE A CAREER PROFILE:Your career summary should always match the job you are applying for, therefore tailoring it according to that is pre-eminent. It should give the interviewer a brief dose of information as to what can you escort in the company. It depends entirely on you if you wish to include core competencies upfront, as if your career summary isn’t worthy, then your whole effort will be futile as the interviewer won’t go beyond it.
  • BUILDING THE WORK EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION SECTIONS:The work experience and education sections, should always stand out. If you are currently working, then the education section should go below the work experience section. Implement the reverse chronological order for the work experience; company names, brief info about the company, location, dates, and your role in the company should be attached in it.
  • TECHNICAL SKILLS:Noting down the technical skills and proficiencies in which you excel in give the interviewer apprehension about your expertise. Try to be as comprehensive as possible in this section, as it could lead to a key to the door you wish to infiltrate.
  • THE ONLINE PRESENCE:According to a survey, 93% of the recruiters glance at your social platforms, before they fix on to interview you. So, linking your profiles in the resume, could prove tremendously eminent to you. Also, if you have work that has been shared online in the past, providing a link to that can instill a sublime impression on the recruiter.
  • OTHER INFORMATION SECTION:If you have any achievements in the past, then a special section should be dedicated to it. The name of the award, in which year you got it, and the institution rewarding it, should be briefly mentioned. Any noteworthy presentation that you have created, should also be included, adding hyperlinks to it would be even more advantageous.

You would basically be selling yourself in this resume, so try to mould and construct it in the most refined manner. Keep your resume, with lots of white spaces, bullet points, a readable font, and then you are good to go!

TIP: Having it proofread by your family, friends or an experienced colleague would be a substantial option.