Your resume is the advertisement that is showcased to your future boss.

You can drive yourself a maniac while making a perfect resume. It takes recruiters few seconds before forming a perspective of ‘fit or not fit’ for your resume. So now we are commencing a guide to device a curriculum vitae that would land you to the interview room without any deviation, as resume is only as good as the information you render, so make sure you’re thoroughly prepared with the list.

  • STREAMLINE THE FORMAT:The content of the resume should be easily readable, therefore omit the fancy fonts. Use Arial, Calibri or Georgia specifically, as it would enhance your words even more. Your name should always be in bold and the headings should always be in larger font than the text of the body, preferably 14 for both. Also, bold and italicize the name of the companies you have worked for the experience that you have had there.
  • CRISP CONTENT:Content can be reflected as the painting of the voice, therefore any error in the content part leads to a bad impression to the recruiters. Pay close attention to use success verbs such as; achieved, delivered, gained, succeeded. It gives a powerful viewpoint to the enlister.
  • INCORPORATE A CAREER PROFILE:Your career summary should always match the job you are applying for, therefore tailoring it according to that is pre-eminent. It should give the interviewer a brief dose of information as to what can you escort in the company. It depends entirely on you if you wish to include core competencies upfront, as if your career summary isn’t worthy, then your whole effort will be futile as the interviewer won’t go beyond it.
  • BUILDING THE WORK EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION SECTIONS:The work experience and education sections, should always stand out. If you are currently working, then the education section should go below the work experience section. Implement the reverse chronological order for the work experience; company names, brief info about the company, location, dates, and your role in the company should be attached in it.
  • TECHNICAL SKILLS:Noting down the technical skills and proficiencies in which you excel in give the interviewer apprehension about your expertise. Try to be as comprehensive as possible in this section, as it could lead to a key to the door you wish to infiltrate.
  • THE ONLINE PRESENCE:According to a survey, 93% of the recruiters glance at your social platforms, before they fix on to interview you. So, linking your profiles in the resume, could prove tremendously eminent to you. Also, if you have work that has been shared online in the past, providing a link to that can instill a sublime impression on the recruiter.
  • OTHER INFORMATION SECTION:If you have any achievements in the past, then a special section should be dedicated to it. The name of the award, in which year you got it, and the institution rewarding it, should be briefly mentioned. Any noteworthy presentation that you have created, should also be included, adding hyperlinks to it would be even more advantageous.

You would basically be selling yourself in this resume, so try to mould and construct it in the most refined manner. Keep your resume, with lots of white spaces, bullet points, a readable font, and then you are good to go!

TIP: Having it proofread by your family, friends or an experienced colleague would be a substantial option.

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