BElieve in YOUrself..

The above statement is legitimate in every sense. You have to BE YOU, to believe in yourself. Isn’t it true? Ask yourself the true meaning of ‘BELIEF’, and relate to the meaning of ours. We all know that believe, is a profound word. To align with our own opinions is to put faith and trust in ourselves. Sometimes people will ignite your passion for achievement by believing and championing you. But, is this enough? NO. What if those people are no longer present to stimulate the zest in you? There comes a time in the path of life, when you have to rise to the occasion and face the challenges on your own, without any recurring cheering. You get the opportunity to arouse the fire in you.

Find me an exceedingly successful person who doesn’t considerably believe in themselves. That’s adjacent to something which can’t be genuine. Steve Jobs, Elon Mask, Mark Cuban, J.K. Rowling, Bill Gates are just a few highly successful individuals who benefited immensely from this confidence. What kept them motivated? The pursuit of creating a life of their dreams. It was their never ending willingness to get up again and again, if they have failed, or had experienced any setbacks. Create a vision so vast, that it doesn’t bother you to know the times that you have failed because all you could see is the anticipated success.

When faced any situation, always believe in yourself because,

  1.  Don’t stand still, because if you won’t do it, then who will? – One, should have the convincing power in themselves, because if you can’t convince yourself to do something, then how can you convince other and present a stand point. You got to have the zeal in your nerves to accomplish something, to push you through any obstacle, and to give you immense positivity. It is dominant to know that you are your number one fan and supporter.
  2. You owe it to yourself to be the superlative you can possibly be – You have to pamper yourself, by believing in the potential you have. It is marvellous to have positive thoughts about ourselves. Isn’t it? Imagine the answer to your every doubtful question is ‘YES’. Wouldn’t it gain contentment in your life in every aspect? By this you will attain accelerative positive progress in your life.
  3. Don’t cease to exist. Live to capture your dreams. – Have dreams and aspirations? Live it. Don’t cease it. Don’t let it go to waste just because you think you can’t do it. Have you tried out that thing? No, right? Then arouse yourself in that situation and accomplish it. Even if you have, and you have failed, don’t be scared to do that thing twice or thrice. Because, you might have failed to capture it in your dozen attempts, but you would excel in it. Because YOU CAN DO IT! Within every person, lies an intrinsic capacity, to turn around situations, only if they believe in themselves. Give it a deep thought!
  4. *Applause*, I can hear it! Can you? – You are the inspiration to many people who didn’t have any confidence in themselves, but after hearing you success stories, have got the inspiration in one self. Be this person! Live to aspire. A positive person hears the crowd cheering and applauding, but a pessimist can just hear silence. What are you? An optimist or a pessimist? Choose.
  5. Count your wins – We, as humans, have the tendency to count on the negative instead of positives in our life, We should have the conviction to count our wins, and not our losses. You should have a gratitude journal to capture all of your wins, at the end of each day. By doing this, one gets immense joy, because it is a reminder to yourself that you have done some incredible things in the past, and you have the zeal to capture more.With competence and conviction, repeat these phrases, “There is nothing in the world I am incapable of, if I fully commit myself,” “There is nothing ordinary about me. I am capable enough to do everything”. The men and women, who changed the world, know the incredible power of belief.

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